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Tower Residential Design is an architectural and structural online studio with an office based in East Sussex, United Kingdom. It was founded in 2014 with a team with over 15 years of professional experience. Our concept of work is addressed mainly to customers who wants to participate on every stage of the construction process and/or takeover the management chair and work to achieve their vision of their dream home.


The plans we provide are high quality standard and will allow you to obtain accurate material quantification, also the technical designs will allow the contractor to provide an accurate quotation of the cost of your proposed work.


Our technical drawings and freelance services are also available to other professional within the construction industry such as architect practices, civil engineers, developers, surveyors and any other professional within the construction industry.


We are specialized in preparing architectural drawings as per styles such as Classical, Contemporary, French (Baroque), Victorian and Scandinavian.


We are simply passionate about providing high quality and professional home designs affordable to everyone, whether you want to build a cottage, bungalow or a castle, extend and/or renovate you can count on us.


Our drawings comply with:


BS/EN building codes for U.K. and Europe

BCA/ICC building codes for Australia and New Zealand

IRC/ICC building codes for Canada and United States


To get started, please click HERE and fill out the building specification form and also email to info@designtrc.com any supporting documents such as land or building survey, photos of the property and if possible a sketchy.


Our Prices are very transparent, "no hidden fees". Most of our services are quoted per Sq. Ft ou M² or per Developed Space.


Let's work and bring your dream to reality together.

New York, Dallas, Washingston DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, California, San Francisco.


Devon, East Sussex, West Sussex, London,

Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Sussex.


Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong,

Cains, Maryborough, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Territories, Hobart


York Region, Prince George, Kingston, Ontario, Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton, Regna, Waterloo, Delta, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Sudbury, Surrey, Fort Macurray, Halifax, Thunderbay.


3D Model and Rendering


The drawing plans come with a Cover Page with the Architectural Specification of the residence, detailed Floorplan of each storey, showing room dimensions, partitions, windows, doors and proportional furniture blocks.

Elevations of the four sides of the house, describing materials and measurements. Roof Plan showing an overhead "bird-eye" view of the roof, with indications of the roof slope


  • "Site Plan" which shows where the house will be located on the property
  • "Foundation & Strucutual plans" with all necessary notations and dimensions, including supporting columns, walls and excavated and unexcavated areas.
  • "Cross Section drawings" showing a vertical cutway view of the house roof to foundation.
  • "Detailed Framing construction", "Flooring", "Roofing" and the "Typical walls section and details"
  • "Water & Sewerage system design"
  • "Electrical Plans" showing the locations of lights, receptacles, switches and etc.
Alex A. Velloso

Alex A. Velloso

(CEO & Architectural Designer)


Enthusiastic designer always keen to provide a great customer service and help people to build their dream home at an affordable price.


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